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Residential Garage Door Maintenance in Seattle, WA

Do you need the garage door maintenance services in Seattle? Well, you just came to the right place. Garage doors are in constant need of maintenance services, in order to keep them in proper working order. With many parts (about 300!) combined to work as a unit, it is important to ensure that all parts are not worn out and are well lubricated, when needed, for an efficient and safely working garage door. It is important to schedule maintenance on your garage door, so that your garage doors always remain healthy. We install garage doors and our technicians provide the most thorough and precise maintenance services. Our team is also good at offering basic tips on maintenance and lubrication for garage doors. It is good for homeowners to learn how to check for visible worn out parts and garage door malfunctions, or learn how to clean their garage doors. This is important, because they can make emergency calls whenever they identify the problems. Our professional technicians are always ready to respond to such garage door emergencies in Seattle .

Why Seattle Garage Door Specialists?

We are certified to install, inspect, repair and maintain products from all of the top garage doors and garage door parts manufacturers in the industry. Thus, we guarantee the best garage door maintenance in Seattle. During our scheduled or unscheduled maintenance visits, our technicians come fully stocked with most needed spare parts, and all required tools in their van and will check for faults in parts, such as sensors, tracks, rollers, safety release, panels, hinges and springs, for security. The garage door maintenance services in Seattle include:

  • Thorough examination of safety systems, including weather sealants, garage door controls and general garage door operation. This is done to check for any signs of malfunction, breakage or wearing out of garage door parts. Unbalanced garage doors mean that there is a problem with bent tracks, and so on. A slow moving or noisy garage door will promptly direct the technician to the opener, or to other moving parts, to ensure they are well adjusted or lubricated appropriately.
  • Next, our technician inspects the garage door alignment , rollers, tracks, hinges, cables, bottom bars, latches and chains. They also do a reversal test to check for problems with the opener mechanism.
  • Identified issues, such as loose or stuck chain hosts, back hangs release systems, drums, shaft bearings, hinges, rollers, couplings and nuts, as well as making sure that the brackets, that hold the tracks, are tightened and lubricated appropriately. This is a good way to prevent future serious damages or safety issues. Realignment of sensors can also be done instantly, in case a problem is identified in the garage door opener mechanism.
  • Garage door openers are checked for correct calibration and settings to ensure the garage doors successfully opens or closes fully without any malfunctions.

Why to keep your garage door maintained properly?

There are some of points to keep in mind why we should keep our garage door maintained:

  • Enhanced garage door durability
  • Reduces repair expenses (including emergencies which cost a even more)
  • Optimize garage door functional efficiency
  • Prevent inconveniences, such as not being able to take out your car, or drive into the garage due to an unexpected stuck door.

Feel free to contact Seattle Garage Door Specialists, if you need any kind of garage doors repairs in Seattle.


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