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Broken Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Services - Seattle, WA

Garage door springs play a vital part in keeping the garage in a proper working condition. Maintaining the garage door springs is vital to the proper opening and closing of the garage door over a longer period in time.

There are situations in which the garage door springs get broken, such as due to the frequent opening and closing of the garage door, and also due to poor garage doors maintenance. In normal working conditions, garage door springs would usually last for 8 to 10 years, after which they might need replacement, as the wear and tear takes a toll on the garage door springs. Broken garage door springs repair requires experienced garage door spring service providers with a proven track record in providing quality spring repair services and spring replacement services.

High Quality Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement Service

Seattle Garage Door Specialists have been providing top range garage door spring repair services in the region for many years. By providing fool proof spring maintenance and replacement services, we have earned a name for ourselves in offering quality broken garage door springs repair in Seattle.


Our professionals are well versed and know how to choose the right type of spring to replace the broken garage door springs. There are actually two types of garage door springs that play an important part in the smooth opening and closing of the garage doors. One is the garage door extension spring and the other is the torsion spring.

Replacing Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are regularly used in residential garage doors. Based on the weight of the garage door, one or two torsion springs would be used. Poorly maintained garage doors and loose tracks can shorten the lifespan of torsion springs. The torsion spring is located on a metal shaft that is installed on the top of the garage door. The springs can break for various different reasons. Our garage door spring repair staff would inspect the shaft and identify the spring parts that are lying on the shaft. Our executives can carefully remove the broken torsion spring and will replace it with a high quality steel torsion spring. Always remember that only an experienced service provider can remove the broken spring without causing any damage to the other components.

Repairing or Replacing Extension Spring

Extension garage door springs of the correct size are chosen based on the height and weight of the garage door. Our service will inspect the garage door, and based on the findings would recommend an appropriate extension spring that matches the garage door specifications. The contraction and extension of these springs help to maintain the right garage door balance, which in turn ensures the smooth closing and opening of a garage door.

Using the right tools for Replacing Broken Springs

Seattle Garage Door Specialists technicians come with the right tools that are needed for handling sensitive components like the garage door spring. If shoddy tools are deployed, the person attending to the springs that are already under high tension might get seriously injured. Our technicians are well trained in using the appropriate tool for dismantling broken springs and installing new springs. Our technicians will also provide useful tips needed for maintaining garage door springs.

Garage door owners in Seattle, looking for replace broken garage door springs or for any kind of garage door repairs in Seattle, can call Seattle Garage Door Specialists. Our technicians will be dispatched to your place to carry out the inspection of the garage door spring in no time.


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