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LiftMaster – Wall Mount Garage Door Opener in Seattle, WA

8500 – Elite Series® Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Get optimal performance no matter what climate you live in. Our 3240 1/2 HP screw drive opener is specially engineered to run smoothly and quietly in even the coldest and hottest temperatures.

8500 – Elite Series<sup>®</sup> Wall Mount Garage Door Opener

Looking for garage door opener in Seattle?Always pick the perfect garage door opener for your home, before that consider few factors, including capability, silent operation, safety and security. So you can easily go with the LiftMaster- Wall Mount garage door opener as this opener fulfill your all needs. Some of basic features of opener are as.


This garage door opener have the power to handle the height and weight of your heavy door garage. Most garage doors have 1/2 horsepower engines suitable for residential garage doors.

Evaluate silent operation

For garages adjoining bedrooms or living rooms, a silent garage door opener may be essential. This is most suitable a garage door opener for such situation and is also reliable, operate silently.

Drive Type

Silent operation depends basically on the category of drives that is utilized to open the garage door. There are four types of drives; belt, direct, screw and chain drives.

So this Liftmaster opener available in all four type

Liftmaster Wall Mount Belt Drive

  • Belt drives utilize a tough elastic like sash to open and close garage doors.
  • It is one of the silent categories of drives
  • It is Long lasting. Belts are regularly built like the best-quality steel-belted tires and have a lifetime belt warranty

Liftmaster Wall Mount Direct Drives

  • Direct drives, however generally new to the American market, have been accessible in Europe for around three decades. These units offer a moving motor that drives itself along a stationary chain.
  • The direct drive is quieter than belt drives.
  • This drive has the minimal number of moving parts and the opener is robust with low maintenance
  • These self-drive openers are offered with a lifetime warranty in some of the companies because of the minimal number of moving parts; including the circuit board, motor, chain and rail.

Liftmaster Wall Mount Screw Drives

  • Screw drives use a long, strong metal pole threaded like a screw to lift and close garage doors.
  • Have minimal moving parts that need repair.
  • Nosier than belt drives but more silent than chain drives.

Liftmaster Wall Mount Chain Drives

  • Chain drives utilize a metal chain to open and close garage doors.
  • Less costlier than belt or screw drive openers
  • Noisier than belt, direct and screw drives.
  • Requires maintenance or substitution, as chains can become loose over time.

To avert accidents to property, a law has been passed in 1993 in America, according to which the all openers should have a switching component that is activated when a light emission is interrupted. To work appropriately, the reversing system and infrared light sensor must be correctly installed and adjusted. The safety of your garage door and opener rely upon good maintenance. Check the maintenance and care instructions given in the garage door opener manual. Do a test each month by deliberately intruding on the light emission while shutting the garage door. Your garage door needs to stop and reverse its movements.

At Seattle Garage Door Specialists, you can get the following garage door opener and accessories along with Liftmaster opener:

  • Guardian garage door openers
  • Pro Series garage door openers
  • Guardian garage door opener keypad
  • Guardian 628 Pro Series 3/4 HP
  • Guardian GDOP3B Garage Door Opener Remote
  • Guardian GDOR2B Two Button Garage Door Remote
  • Guardian GDO3BMINI Garage Door Opener Remote
  • Guardian GDOWLESKEY Garage Door Opener Remote

Garage doors mostly serve as one of the principle passages in homes today. This means you require a garage door opener that is intact and gives security to your home. Some garage doors openers consolidate rolling code technology, which chooses another security code each time you initiate your garage door opener. Selecting an irregular new code with each utilization destroys code duplication and anticipates undesirable garage entrance. Visit Seattle Garage Door Specialist if you are looking for Liftmaster garage door opener parts, Keypads & Accessories or any kind of garage door repairs in Seattle.


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